September 8, 2010

Laborful Weekend of Wedding Flowers

So my labor day weekend was filled with flowers!  I had a bridal portrait bouquet due Saturday morning, and a wedding on Sunday. Whew!

So lets start with the bridal portrait bouquet!  Let me just say that I love this bride!  She is an amazing and joyful person and I feel honored to be helping her with her wedding flowers.  Her wedding is at the end of October and they are using pumpkins... even more after my ardent encouragement!  It is going to be very fall harvest chic with lots of plants, pumpkins, leaves and flowers!


As I was preparing to design her portrait bouquet, which is often different from the wedding day bouquet, she gave me carte blanche -- my dream scenario.  When I went to the floral wholesaler, I found some mini artichokes, some great grassy fronds, and these awesome pods!  I called my daring bride and asked if she would be open to artichokes and she was totally game!  So this is what I came up with. To some of you, this may not seem so daring, but for a West Texas bride to be free enough to do something so asymmetrical and abstract, it is a big coup!  I am in love with it, what do ya'll think?  I can't wait until I get to do her flowers in October.

Now, comes the wedding on Saturday.  I have to say that it is delightful to know that I have designed enough wedding flowers to actually have a system down and am proud to say that I was fully prepared and organized for this wedding; I even had a checklist printed out!

The whole wedding was held at The Legacy Event Center in downtown Lubbock and I have to say, I was THOROUGHLY impressed by this updated new facility.  Call them if you ever need information on a venue for a wedding or event!

The bride wanted to use purple and lime green orchids, and orchids being one of my favorite flowers on earth, I was thrilled.  To help keep prices down I suggested using silk orchids instead of the real ones.  I ask you, can you tell the difference?  Not even the college student that helps me could tell the difference when she was tying ribbon to the stems of the pew clips!  I was thoroughly impressed with the outcome and so was everyone else!  Let me know what you think about these faux real orchids!

groom's boutonniere

minister's boutonniere

bridal party bouquets

bridesmaid bouquet

bride's bouquet

the sweetness at the end...

toss bouquet

THE END!  I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Labor Day weekend!


Alisa Palmer said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, Kelle! I especially love the bridal bouquet. You need to let me take pics of your work next time - get those bouquets out of full sunlight! :) Love the toss bouquet, too!

Ashley said...

Hi Kelle! Check out a preview of Lindsey's Bridal session. ;) I SO loved her bouquet. Can't wait to see what's in store for October!